Thursday, March 22, 2012


When i get happy like kids
Don't be mad please 
I was lonely when you arrested me
and looking for a happy end in dead end streets...
All questions about love
I am telling you Shine!..

Don't want any pictures 
which is catched my smile
I am with you now
Touch my dimple with your kiss 
I told u that we would burn
when i drunk wine from your lips 
Your breath was like a fire
I ignite for you Shine...

A silly smile on my face 
I am afraid 
if someone see that...
My heart almost jump out 
of my chest 
Cover yours on me please
I am freezing for you Shine...

Close your eyes my princess
Forget the heroes on white horses
Hold your hands and touch me
You told me ''don't do it''
When i said ''die for you''
So i am here Living for you Shine...  

Mehmet Salih Oral

                                               THE  OTHER SاDE OF ME

what`s this I`m feeling 
when I saw your profile pic 
my heart started pounding 
I don`t know what to click ;) 

my lipstick is red 
my strapless dress is blue 
I can`t take you out of my head 
the first time I saw you ;) 

I want to commit a crime.. 
I want to steal your heart.. 
I want you from the very start.. 
I can`t take you out of my mind.. 
I want you to be mine.. 

I wanna get loose 
atleast once in awhile 
I wanna laugh 
or atleast just smile 
this is the other side of me 
loud and crazy 
take it..or leave it.. 

Shut up.. 
I`ve had enough.. 
Just kiss me 
but don`t you dare 
fall inlove with me.. 

I can break more hearts 
in just a click.. 
how? changing my status into 
'In a Relationship' ;) 

if we`re not meant to be 
I`ll make it meant to be 
if the fate will not find its way 
I will find my own way 
and I`ll say, 
"hey, you fuck!ng fate, 
get out of my way! 

giving up is not my style.. 
I was raised to say "I`m a fighter" with a high class smile.. 

you may break my wings, 
yet I can simply continue to fly.. 
on a broomstick.. 
I am flexible like that.. 

I may be lazy.. 
but, I`m also too impatient to wait.. 
so I create my own fate..  


Letter from a Fox: Growing Love

Do you remember how we first met? How my searching eyes found your searching soul. I was not so sure about you and you were not to. I found you in an odd way I consider kismet..

I don't know but talking to you everyday makes me happy..makes me lively. Its like I cannot call it a day without seeing you and your sweet smile. Even your eyes smile for me..I feel that its going to be mine. I have found a deeper courage this time for love. I will keep you this this very moment my feelings for you is burning like the brightest fire in a dark and cold desert.

I know I talk like a fool sometimes..I act like a fool..a fool for love. I cannot stop myself from keeping in touch with you. I can't stop have become a part of my life. I would always wait in front of the monitor for your messages that would warm up my uncertain and dying hope that it will be me and you in the nearest future.

Have you ever heard or felt the unspeakable kind of love? A love that makes me weak and strong. A love that makes me cry and pray. A love that embraces me whenever I see you in front of me even when we are thousand miles apart. I can see a new groovy kind of love between you and me. I really feel you are finally home. You just have to realize it and I am here to help you.

I always dream of you because you are my ideal. The one whom I can hold for a lifetime. I know this because I have been waiting for you for such a long time. Is it silly to ask you the same things every time we talk? Why does it sometimes feel so hard to tell you what I really feel inside me? I always cut the words that could change your way..and maybe a way towards me. You are the reason I can run and sing in the rain!

You make my long sleepless nights shorter and brighter. With you, I can feel forgiveness to all my past love who have become stars instead of sad tearful memories. My sad desperate call..please answer my aching heart. I won't give up this time. I will give you my best..a quest for true love. Give me a chance to show much I can love much I long for you...


Prince Charming

She walks into the forest
as she has done everyday
since childhood.Her mind 
always wandering off into
far away places,she dreams
of a fairy tale coming true
like the story books her
mother read in the silence
of the night before bedtime.

She feels a passion that
she has to hold in,her prince
charming has not yet road
his horse to save her from
the prison she lives in,her
own mind keeps her a slave.
She searches for better days.

She is lost in her own world
of endless fears,tears to fall
as she wishes to find her own
way out of this world full of
pain.She can taste her prince
charming's lips now,sweet as
candy with the strength of his
tight embrace to hold her steady.

She is lost in her own thoughts
as she walks the forest she once
found so much peace in.She endures
the silence and ignores the passion
she wants to find from the candy
lips of her prince high up on his
horse she wishes to be,her heart

Bathsheba Dailey

To Follow A Dream...

We live in such a busy world
yet we still feel so alone
we wait for our dreams to unfold
so that we may feel at home...
So I start to think that maybe
I need to make my dreams my own
turn them into my reality
and start reaping what I've sown...

That only then can I start to feel
to really know what its like to see
to love a life that's pure and real
start being who I want to be...

So each time that I smile
and feel so happy inside 
wouldn't just be for a while
as I would no longer hide...

Dwina S. Taylor

Hearts at Home

The softness of his voice telling
me endearing things in my ear leaves
me with a shiver coursing down my 
already weakened spine.

A touch to my face as I look into
his eyes makes me say thank you 
lord for so many nights spent alone
to cry.

His words of toughness trying to make
me not see, what is hidden within him
buried deep. He is as scared as me,we
had given in defeat.

His fingers intertwine mine sending
warmth through my body,never had I 
felt so secure in just being me,for
anyone to see.

I sit patently waiting for it all to
blow up in my face,but he comes back
to me,always to put a true smile where
so many tears had left their traces.

My heart races at the thought of his 
arms holding me so tightly,his face is 
what I see when my mind finally lets me
sleep,only of him do I dream.

The feelings I have had to hold on to
for so very long has finally found the
one who I can love,making my heart feelat home,no longer alone...

Bathsheba  Dailey  

Only Me

If you're route is falling into my life 
Don't wince 
welcome again in my home 
The things happend already 
I've offended myself
İm not creditor so
You can't pay back 
my youth also...

But this time 
Keep looking on me a little more
Your love is my honor 
Lay your head on my chest 
My heart beat against your face
So you recognize that 
Only i can burn for you
Only me who get wet
If your tears dropfrom your eyes....  

Mehmet Salih Oral